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All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy offers comprehensive protection during your travels and is one of the most valuable investments for vacationers. In addition to travel health insurance, which is among the most important coverages, travel insurance also includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage insurance. The usefulness of each type of insurance varies: while travel health insurance is almost indispensable, taking out baggage insurance is often less beneficial. Some credit cards, such as the American Express Platinum Card, already include travel insurance, but it usually only applies if the trip is paid for with the card.

Overview and Key Facts

Travel insurance provides protection in various areas – from medical emergencies to trip cancellations or lost luggage. Travel health insurance is especially recommended for all travelers, regardless of their home country’s insurance status. It covers costs that statutory or private health insurance does not, such as necessary repatriation. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance covers cancellation fees if a trip needs to be canceled or cut short, which is worth considering for expensive trips. However, baggage insurance is often viewed critically due to limited reimbursement amounts and existing alternatives such as homeowner’s insurance.

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We recommend the ERGO travel insurance. The Comprehensive Annual Protection offers extensive coverage at an attractive price. Alternatively, you can also choose just the travel health insurance or trip cancellation insurance.

Additional Information

Various factors influence insurance coverage and costs, such as the number of travelers, their ages, and the choice between annual and single-trip policies. The travel region also plays a role – some policies cover worldwide travel, while others are limited to Europe or exclude the USA and Canada. Careful selection and comparison of terms are crucial to find the optimal protection.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance provides coverage if medical treatments are needed during your trip. It covers a wide range of services, from outpatient to inpatient treatments, emergency surgeries to pain-relieving dental treatments. This coverage is especially important for trips outside the EU, where statutory health insurance offers no or limited protection. The cost of such insurance is low compared to the range of benefits it provides.


Comprehensive travel insurance protects you against many risks while traveling and should not be overlooked when planning a vacation. While travel health insurance is essential for all travelers, the necessity of additional insurance such as trip cancellation and interruption insurance should be evaluated individually. Baggage insurance, on the other hand, is often dispensable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

1. What does international travel health insurance cover?

Answer: International travel health insurance covers the costs of medically necessary treatments abroad, including outpatient and inpatient treatments, urgent surgeries, medical treatments for pregnancy complications, reimbursement for medicines, bandages, therapeutic aids, and pain-relieving dental treatments. Many policies also include medical repatriation to your home and rescue costs.

2. Is travel insurance necessary if I already have statutory health insurance?

Answer: Yes, international travel health insurance is recommended for both statutory and privately insured individuals because it covers costs not fully covered by statutory or private health insurance, such as medical repatriation or treatments outside the coverage area of statutory health insurance.

3. What is the difference between trip cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance?

Answer: Trip cancellation insurance covers the costs incurred if you need to cancel a trip before it starts, for example, due to illness or job loss. Trip interruption insurance applies if the trip needs to be cut short due to insured reasons. Both insurances provide financial protection for trips that are canceled or interrupted.

4. Is luggage insurance worth it?

Answer: In most cases, luggage insurance is not necessary because legal compensation claims already exist for lost, damaged, or delayed luggage, and valuable items should be transported in carry-on luggage. The insurance benefits usually do not significantly exceed the legal compensation.

5. Are COVID-19 illnesses covered by travel insurance?

Answer: Most current travel insurance policies cover COVID-19 illnesses. However, older policies might not include this coverage. It is advisable to check with the provider before purchasing the insurance.

6. What should be considered when choosing travel insurance?

Answer: When purchasing travel insurance, you should consider the scope of coverage, the amount of coverage, the presence of deductibles, the validity in travel destinations, and any exclusions. Compare offers to find the right protection for your needs.

7. Can travel insurance be taken out for just one trip?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to take out single-trip policies for individual trips as well as annual policies for all trips within a year. An annual policy is particularly recommended if you travel multiple times a year.

8. When must trip cancellation insurance be purchased?

Answer: Trip cancellation insurance should be purchased as soon as possible after booking the trip. For single-trip coverage, there is usually a booking deadline, such as up to 1 month before the trip begins.

9. Are there age limits for taking out travel insurance?

Answer: For many travel insurances, the premium increases with the age of the insured person. Some insurances also set maximum entry ages for taking out insurance. Details vary by provider and policy.

10. Do credit cards offer sufficient travel insurance coverage?

Answer: Many credit cards include travel insurance, but often only if the trip is paid for with the card. The coverage of these included insurances is often not comprehensive. It is worth checking the insurance conditions carefully and taking out additional travel insurance if needed to ensure optimal protection.

Calculate your premium easily online.

We recommend the ERGO travel insurance. The Comprehensive Annual Protection offers extensive coverage at an attractive price. Alternatively, you can also choose just the travel health insurance or trip cancellation insurance.

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