Pension Insurance with ETF Support:

A Modern Solution for Retirement Planning

The ETF annuity, also known as a fund pension, is an innovative form of private retirement provision. It combines the security of an annuity with the return potential of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This offers a unique way to save for retirement, maintain flexibility, and benefit from tax advantages.

How Does an ETF Annuity Work?

An ETF annuity invests your contributions in selected ETFs, which in turn track a broad market index. This type of investment allows you to benefit from market developments while reducing risk through diversification.

Advantages of an ETF Annuity:

  1. Lifetime Pension: Enjoy the security of a lifetime monthly pension guaranteed by the insurer.
  2. Investment in ETFs: Benefit from the low costs and high return potential that ETFs offer.
  3. Flexibility: Adjust your monthly contributions as needed and make additional deposits or withdrawals.
  4. Tax Advantages: Take advantage of the tax benefits that an ETF annuity offers compared to traditional savings plans.
  5. Automatic Expiry Management: Protect your capital before retirement through automatic reallocation to safer investments.

We Take Care of Your Retirement Planning

With the help of modern investment opportunities in ETFs and the traditional tax advantages of pension insurance, we can offer you a tailored solution for your retirement planning.

What Makes a Good ETF Annuity?

When choosing your ETF annuity, pay attention to the following points:

  1. High Guaranteed Pension Factor: This determines the amount of your future pension payments.
  2. Low Costs: Look for low administrative fees to maximize your returns.
  3. Financially Strong Insurer: Choose an established provider with good credit ratings.
  4. Diversified Investment: Minimize your risk by investing in globally diversified ETFs.

Differences from Traditional Life Insurance

Unlike traditional life insurance, which is based on a guaranteed interest rate, the ETF annuity invests in stock markets. This offers higher return potential, especially in times of low interest rates.

Who is an ETF Annuity Suitable For?

The ETF annuity is ideal for individuals seeking a flexible and high-yield retirement plan. It is particularly suitable if you want to invest long-term and benefit from the advantages of the stock market.


The ETF annuity is an attractive solution for modern investors who want to combine a lifetime pension with the benefits of ETF investments. With its flexibility, tax advantages, and the possibility of broad diversification, it offers an excellent option for private retirement provision. However, it is advisable to make an informed choice and, if necessary, consult an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions About ETF Annuities

1. What Exactly is an ETF Annuity?

Answer: An ETF annuity is a form of private retirement provision that invests in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It combines the benefits of an annuity, such as lifetime pension payments and tax advantages, with the return potential and cost efficiency of ETFs.

2. Can I Adjust the Amount of My Contributions to the ETF Annuity?

Answer: Yes, an ETF annuity offers high flexibility. You can adjust your monthly contributions as needed and make one-time payments or withdrawals if necessary.

3. Is it Possible to Receive the Capital from the ETF Annuity as a Lump Sum?

Answer: Yes, in addition to the option of a lifetime monthly pension, many providers allow you to receive the accumulated capital as a lump sum.

4. What Tax Advantages Does an ETF Annuity Offer?

Answer: The ETF annuity offers tax advantages, particularly during the payout phase. Pension payments are only taxed on the earnings portion, and lump-sum payments are partially taxed under certain conditions.

5. What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an ETF Annuity?

Answer: Important criteria include a high guaranteed pension factor, low administrative and management costs, the financial stability of the insurer, and the possibility of flexible contributions.

6. How is the Capital in an ETF Annuity Invested?

Answer: The capital is invested in ETFs, which in turn invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other assets. This allows for broad risk diversification and the chance for attractive returns.

7. How Safe is My Capital in an ETF Annuity?

Answer: The safety of your capital depends on the chosen ETFs and the investment strategy. Additionally, many ETF annuities offer a contribution guarantee, ensuring that you get back at least the contributions you made.

8. Can I Select the ETFs in My Annuity Myself?

Answer: Yes, with many providers, you can choose from a selection of ETFs that match your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

9. How Does the ETF Annuity Affect My Tax Burden?

Answer: The ETF annuity can reduce your tax burden since favorable tax rates apply during the payout phase. The exact tax advantage depends on your individual case.

10. What Happens to My ETF Annuity in the Event of Death?

Answer: In the event of death, the accumulated capital or an agreed pension payment is paid out to your beneficiaries. The exact conditions depend on the contract details and optional additional benefits such as a pension guarantee period or survivor benefits.

We Take Care of Your Retirement Planning

With the help of modern investment opportunities in ETFs and the traditional tax advantages of pension insurance, we can offer you a tailored solution for your retirement planning.

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