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Ellen Culpeck Insurance Broker GmbH is one of the largest and longest established (60+ years) insurance agencies looking after British Nationals here in Germany. We are best known for our expertise in car insurance for BFG, Nato/Forces, Expats and any other English speaking Nationalities living here. We are also an approved White fleet insurance agent for military vehicles needing green card insurance throughout Europe.

We can also arrange cover for motorcycles (including mopeds, scooters, quads etc.), caravans/ motorhomes, Life insurance, Building insurance and Home contents insurance, Pet care insurance, Travel insurance, Winter sports, medical cover and Legal insurance. There is also a wide range of liability cover available for example for Family, Dogs, Horses, Hunting, Office, Shop, Cosmetic, Hairdressing, Babysitting or Stall liability for those who wish to demonstrate or sell their items at shows. We also provide instant ADAC and ACE European breakdown cover.

We have our own accident department, who can take care of everything for you, even if it was not your fault and you are not claiming on your own insurance cover. We can arrange for your car to be collected, a courtesy car to be delivered for the duration of the repair (irrespective of guilt) and for your car to be returned to you once repair has been completed. We can order an engineer and deal with all the Third Party correspondence, if necessary.


We also work together with well-established and reputable financial advisers who provide professional advice on retirement plans, savings and investments, mortgage, banking, taxation, wills and trusts etc.

To give an all round excellent service to our valued clients, we employ bilingual insurance experts, permanently resident in Germany. We can also explain what needs to be done if you have decided to settle down in Germany, for good and need to re-register your vehicle with the German authorities.

Giving our clients the best possible service means a lot to us and we look forward to being able to show you we do go that extra mile for our clients.....

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