The German “Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung” explained:

Your Financial Security in Case of Incapacity

Imagine your car is totaled. It’s frustrating and expensive, but insurance covers it. But what if not your car, but your ability to work suffers a “total loss”? This is where occupational disability insurance (ODI) steps in. It’s one of the most critical protections you can secure for yourself. Why? Because your income and thus your standard of living depend on it.

The Value of Your Workforce

The value of one’s own workforce is often underestimated. If you have 40 working years ahead of you and earn a net monthly income of 2,500 euros, your potential earnings add up to 1,200,000 euros—an immense sum that is at risk in the event of occupational disability. Unlike material damage, the loss of your workforce cannot simply be “repaired”. Therefore, occupational disability insurance is not a luxury, but a necessary precaution.

What Does Occupational Disability Mean?

Occupational disability is clearly defined and should not be confused with the inability to perform any profession. It refers to your current profession, the one you have last practiced. If you can only perform this job at 50% capacity due to illness, accident, or physical or mental limitations for at least six months, you are considered occupationally disabled. In this case, the occupational disability insurance provides and pays the agreed pension.

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How Occupational Disability Insurance Works

Occupational disability insurance is tailored and considers your current profession. This means, even if you initially took out occupational disability insurance as an office worker and later work as a landscape gardener, you are insured in case of occupational disability as a landscape gardener. It aims to close the financial gap that arises from the loss of your workforce.

Causes and Diagnosis of Occupational Disability

Not only physical illnesses can lead to occupational disability, but also mental ailments such as burnout or depression. The determination of occupational disability involves a thorough examination, including medical diagnoses and further investigations. Once occupational disability is established, you receive the agreed occupational disability pension.

Who Needs Occupational Disability Insurance?

In short: everyone. Whether you work in an office, are active in the trades, or practice a creative profession, no one is protected from the risks of occupational disability. Even homemakers should consider occupational disability insurance, as their work also has a value that is difficult to replace in the event of disability.

Occupational Disability Insurance for Civil Servants and Students

Civil servants and students should also consider occupational disability insurance. For civil servants, there are special service incapacity insurances. Students can benefit from favorable contributions and secure themselves early.

State Benefits Are Not Enough

Do not rely on state benefits like the disability pension. These are often insufficient and do not cover your actual needs. Private occupational disability insurance is therefore indispensable to secure your standard of living.


Occupational disability insurance (Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung) secures one of your most valuable assets—your workforce. It is an essential pillar of your personal and financial security. Remember: Comprehensive occupational disability insurance not only provides financial security but also the comforting feeling of being well-prepared for emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Occupational Disability Insurance

What is occupational disability insurance?

Occupational disability insurance is a coverage that pays a pension if you are unable to perform your profession due to illness, accident, or physical or mental limitations.

Why is occupational disability insurance important?

Your workforce is often your most valuable asset. ODI protects you from financial losses if you can no longer practice your profession due to health reasons, thus securing your standard of living.

What does occupational disability specifically mean?

Occupational disability means that you can only perform your most recently practiced profession at 50% capacity due to illness, injury, or more than age-appropriate physical decline, presumably for at least six months.

Who needs occupational disability insurance?

Essentially anyone who relies on their income. This includes employees, self-employed individuals, civil servants, students, and homemakers.

Are mental illnesses covered in ODI (BU)?

Yes, mental illnesses such as depression or burnout are common reasons for occupational disability and are typically covered.

How is the amount of ODI (BU) pension determined?

The amount of the ODI pension should be based on your current net income and your regular expenses. Experts recommend securing about 70-80% of your net income.

What should I consider when taking out ODI (BU)?

Ensure an adequate level of ODI pension, a short prognosis period, waiver of abstract referencing, and an option to adjust the pension (dynamic). Choose a term that extends to retirement age.

Are occupational disability insurances expensive?

The costs vary depending on the profession, age, health condition, and scope of insurance coverage. Young and healthy individuals usually pay less. It is an individual investment in your financial security.

What happens if I change my profession?

The ODI insurance always refers to your last practiced profession. A change of profession generally does not affect the existing insurance coverage.

What is “abstract referencing” and why is it important?

Abstract referencing would allow the insurance company to refer you to another profession you could still perform, even if you are occupationally disabled in your current profession. Ensure that your contract waives abstract referencing for optimal protection.

We take care of securing your workforce

Our online quote form contains all the important questions needed to make you an offer for your personal occupational disability insurance. Your personal advisor will discuss everything else with you.

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