The First Pillar of Your Retirement Savings:

Take advantage of tax benefits for retirement savings.

Discover the Rürup Pension, also known as the Basic Pension – an attractive retirement savings option specifically for the self-employed and high-earning employees. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Rürup Pension, including how it works, its tax benefits, and important considerations when signing up.

Key Features of the Rürup Pension

  • Integration into the 1st tier of retirement savings, comparable to statutory pension insurance.
  • High tax deductibility of contributions during the accumulation phase.
  • Option to invest in cost-effective ETFs.
  • Lifetime pension payments providing security in old age.
  • Especially suitable for the self-employed and high-earning employees.
  • Future mandatory pension insurance for the self-employed could make the Rürup Pension the preferred choice.

How the Rürup Pension Works

The Rürup Pension serves as a basic provision for individuals who do not pay into the statutory pension insurance. Introduced in 2005, it provides a solid foundation for retirement savings. With the option of a classic or fund-based investment and the guarantee of lifetime pension payments, the Rürup Pension is a reliable pillar of retirement savings. Deferred taxation offers tax advantages during retirement, particularly for those who expect a lower tax rate in retirement compared to their active working years.

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Benefits of the Rürup Pension

  • Tax Benefits: Contributions are tax-deductible as part of retirement expenses.
  • Lifetime Pension Payments: Guarantees financial security into old age.
  • Flexible Investment Options: Includes cost-effective ETFs.
  • Additional Options: Such as survivor benefits and refund of contributions for comprehensive protection.
  • Insolvency and Seizure Protection: Up to the legally protected retirement allowance.
  • Protection from Access Under Basic Income (Bürgergeld).

Important Considerations When Taking Out a Rürup Pension

  • Cost Structure and Pension Factor: Ensure the efficiency of your retirement savings.
  • Financial Stability of the Insurer: Verify the insurer’s financial health.
  • Personal Need for Flexibility and Security: Consider your individual requirements.
  • Consult a Competent Insurance Broker: To find the best option for your unique situation.

The Rürup Pension is a compelling retirement savings option that offers not only tax benefits but also the security of a lifetime pension. Whether you are self-employed, a high-earning employee, or someone seeking a solid foundation for retirement, the Rürup Pension should be part of your considerations.


The Rürup Pension, also known as the Basic Pension, is an attractive retirement savings option, especially for the self-employed and high earners. It offers the security of a lifetime pension along with tax benefits. With investment opportunities in cost-efficient ETFs and high tax deductibility, the Rürup Pension is a strategic choice. It not only secures financial retirement but also provides flexible and personalized retirement savings that are becoming increasingly important in light of the evolving pension system.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rürup Pension / Basic Pension

1. What is a Basic Pension and who is it suitable for?

Answer: The Basic Pension, also known as the Rürup Pension, is a form of retirement savings designed primarily for the self-employed and high-earning employees. It allows for tax-deductible contributions and provides a lifetime pension payment in retirement.

2. How much of the Basic Pension contributions are tax-deductible?

Answer: Contributions to the Basic Pension are tax-deductible. Starting in 2023, 100% of the contributions up to a maximum amount of 27,565.20 euros for the year 2024 can be deducted.

3. Can I withdraw my Basic Pension capital as a lump sum?

Answer: No, the Basic Pension does not allow for a lump sum withdrawal. It is designed to provide continuous financial support in retirement through lifelong monthly pension payments.

4. Is the Basic Pension protected from garnishment and under basic income (Bürgergeld) regulations?

Answer: Yes, the Basic Pension is protected from garnishment and is not considered an asset when receiving basic income (formerly known as Hartz 4). Specific conditions must be met to ensure this protection.

5. What happens to my Basic Pension if I die?

Answer: Standard benefits do not include payments to survivors, but additional options such as refund of contributions, survivor’s pension, or pension guarantee period can provide survivor benefits.

6. What is the difference between a classic and a fund-based Basic Pension?

Answer: A classic Basic Pension invests in fixed-income securities, while a fund-based Basic Pension invests in equity or mixed funds, potentially offering higher returns. Both forms provide lifetime pension payments.

7. Are contributions to the Basic Pension flexible?

Answer: Yes, the Basic Pension offers flexible contributions. You can adjust your contributions according to your financial situation and make one-time payments to reduce your tax burden.

8. How is the Basic Pension taxed during retirement?

Answer: During retirement, the Basic Pension is taxed according to the cohort principle. The taxable portion of the pension is determined at the start of the pension and remains constant for life. The percentage depends on the year the pension begins.

9. Can I cancel my Basic Pension early?

Answer: No, the Basic Pension cannot be canceled early. It is designed for long-term retirement savings. However, contributions can be suspended.

10. How do I choose the right provider for a Basic Pension?

Answer: When choosing a provider for a Basic Pension, consider factors such as costs, pension factor, financial strength of the insurer, and the available investment options. Professional advice can help you make a decision tailored to your needs.

We Take Care of Your Retirement Planning

We evaluate which options are most beneficial for your retirement savings. Fill out our online quote form, and a Culpeck advisor will contact you with an offer.

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